About us

We are twin sisters living in Cape Town – a city we are absolutely mad for!

At 21, after two years of study, we decided to withdraw gracefully from the chaos and open Skinny Legs & All – our own café in Cape Town’s city center. An intuitive choice, as cooking was always our antidote to textbook stress. Foolhardy? Perhaps. Daredevilish? Without a doubt. But we had always wanted to run our own café, to spend our days in intimate conversations around food.

Our space, with its pressed ceilings and large street-facing windows, and our food, simple in its preparation, proved to be the perfect pairing. But it is the chitchatting away with our customers (and now friends) that we miss most from our café days…cue to the world of online journals – As We Please – as a way to continue the shoptalk we came to so enjoy.

We want to declare from the outset that we are not trained chefs. Everything we have learnt has come from a genuine love of food and the untiring pursuit thereof. We are food centric creatures, with a relish for natural, wholefoods. You will find, more often than not, recipes sparked with a powerhouse of superfoods or a gluten-free grain – all borne from our experiences with thoughtful, conscious eating. Do give them a bash.

“Anything done well” is the banner of As We Please… vignettes from our lives in the Cape, experiments at the stove and our joint explorations of this wild, wild world.