Cakes to order

Jamie’s especial love of cakes has led to a baking repertoire of which we are particularly proud. Our fairy cupcakes are magical little things, our loaves a sure source of comfort, and our tiered birthday cakes grand spectacles. Our buttercream icings are made by whipping farm butter and organic sugar. They change with the seasons as we gently fold in fresh fruit purees: gooseberries in the spring, plums and pears in the autumn.

In our sweet explorations we have also discovered a whole new world of desserts. Here the elemental ingredients of butter, eggs and flour evolve: coconut oil, agave and nuts of all varieties. See our Wholefoods Pantry.

Our “free-from” cakes (wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free) are in fact not baked at all, but prepared in a frenzy of high speed blending. Medjool date paste, vanilla spiced almond milk and other unusual ingredients are mercilessly whipped together into nutrient rich desserts – unfathomably light and dangerously nutty. The bright stars of a rising raw-food fad, these cakes are delicious beyond dispute (whether you are fussed by gluten and sugar contents or not).

We have included a list of the sweets we love most. Of course all requests are welcome, from the simplest lemon sponge to a flight-of-fancy fraisier.

Pop us a mail with what you’re after.