Millet and maple banana bread

Bog standard banana bread…perish the thought! This simple staple of any baking repertoire is all too often neglected in that mediocre tier of sweet treats. Left gathering dust along with other uninspired recipes – bran muffins beware – we simply had to intervene. If banana bread can seem rather basic, it can also be wonderfully … Read on >>


Come gather your acorns…

What with winter rearing its nasty head and us all in need of warming meals, we think it just the right time to store up supplies. Taking refuge in bowls of nourishing soup and comforting stews is our favourite response to the chilly month of July – spicing it up for winter warmth. The cold … Read on >>


Raw cacao granola

Here in leafy Tamboerskloof, weekend breakfasts are something of a fuss. The luxury of a lazy Sunday lie-in is always followed by a breakfast of similar indulgence. What you will find below takes the pleasure of breakfast to another level entirely. We’ve dared to cross granola with chocolate and have found ourselves in the breakfast realm … Read on >>


Nut and seed loaf

Our romance with bread is one of our most enduring. From crusty sourdoughs to deep dark ryes, we often say we could live happily on bread and cheese (…and oysters). As our journey with wholefoods evolved, we sought out a gluten-free and vegan alternative to our great love. This nut and seed loaf is filled … Read on >>


Cannellini bean soup

When our Virginia Creeper begins to turn, its leaves tinged a scarlet red, we dig out our store of dried cannellinis and head straight for the stove. Beans are a warehouse of nutritional storage. They are slow energy releasing and high in essential minerals, protein and fibre. Cannellini beans hail from Italy and are dainty … Read on >>


Beta bums

Of all the beaches in Cape Town, Beta is by far our favourite. This little alcove curbs the crowds of Clifton, while the seaside homes sub in for the shops on Camps Bay’s drag. It is a no-dog beach but pups, giddy with sheer abandon, roam freely. Nobody seems to mind at all. The view … Read on >>