We love the early morning

…and always have. A distinct hush, the gentle birdsong and that very particular light, brings with it a sense of infinite possibility. And yet, in our café days, we very rarely enjoyed this quiet calm. Doors opened at the outrageous hour of 7am, ruling out any hopes of a leisurely lie-in. In the first few … Read on >>


Acai berry swirl

We first discovered raw desserts while studying at university. After a full day of lecture halls and furious note taking, we couldn’t help but crave a syrupy pick-me-up. Ordinary treats were sickly sweet and the fleeting energy spike no help at all. And so we equipped ourselves with a high-power blender and spent our weekends … Read on >>


Cider poached apple with pine nuts and chia

Our breakfast traditions are centered on fruit. We can’t imagine beginning the day without a ruby grapefruit, handful of berries, or simply a banana. This dish was conceived on a mild autumn afternoon when the temperature dropped and a bowl of crisp cut Granny Smiths lost a little of their appeal. Pine nuts, chia seeds, blueberries and … Read on >>


Green cashew smoothie

If gastronomy is our first love, then Ashtanga yoga is a close second. We first came across this traditional style in sunny Florida while visiting our dear aunt, and it is now as integral a part to our day as our epicurean pursuits. This ancient form synchronises breath with movement, an all-absorbing meditation without which … Read on >>


Mediterranean mix

We eat an awful lot of quinoa. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…we simply cannot get enough of this super seed. Grown on the banks of the Andes, it is lauded as the wheat-free alternative – and for good reason. A complete source of protein and packed with calcium, manganese and other essential vitamins, it occupies pride of … Read on >>


Oranjezicht City Farm

Organic produce makes us giddy. As do farmer’s markets…and when the two mingle we can barely contain ourselves! The Oranjezicht City Farmer’s Market happens every Saturday, on a sprawling lawn with Table Mountain as its backdrop. It began as a simple affair: a way for the farm nestled high up in the City Bowl to … Read on >>