Popped amaranth and pomegranate bowl

There is something about the pomegranate. The intense sweetness of the juice and its incredible red hue leave little doubt about this fruits rich medicinal properties. It has exceptionally high levels of Vitamin C and boasts an antioxidant content above and beyond any other fruit.

We first came across it when visiting our family in Israel. Our uncle had a spectacular pomegranate tree in the garden – spectacular not only for its fruit but also for its foliage – and we enjoyed many a Sunday lunch under its protection. When, in the summer, it bore its magnificent fruit, the seeds found their way into everything: from pressed juices to fruity cocktails, salads to desserts. These ruby kernels are the ultimate indulgence; cold from the fridge they elevate any breakfast to ambrosial heights.


In this breakfast bowl, we have teamed them with another superfood. Amaranth is naturally gluten free and similar to quinoa in its high protein content (both of these seeds are in fact complete proteins, containing all the essential amino acids). When popped, amaranth takes on a nutty flavour but be sure to use a heavy bottomed pan – teeny-tiny they pop to alarming heights, leaving a scattering across your kitchen floor.

To boost the nutritional value even further we have added a sprinkle of bee pollen. One of the richest single-food supplements, a small teaspoon will have you buzzing. We source our pollen from a wonderful farmer out here in the Cape. The Mountain Fynbos has the greatest diversity of flowering plants – an important component for honey and pollen alike. Mark the Beekeeper has great big mop of curly locks and the air of one who has perhaps spent a little too much time with the bees. But in a lovely way.

We think this breakfast the bee’s knees – enjoy!



serves 1

a big dollop of Greek style yoghurt
3 tablespoons fresh pomegranate juice
 cup whole pomegranate kernels
a handful of popped amaranth
a handful of sunflower seeds, toasted
drizzle of honey
sprinkle of bee pollen

Stir together the yoghurt, honey and pomegranate juice. We favour buffalo milk yoghurt as its subtle sweetness compliments that of the pomegranate. Add the pomegranate kernels, amaranth and sunflowers seeds. Finish with a sprinkle of bee pollen.

Inspired by Heidi Swanson’s pomegranate bowl recipe

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